CEO, Public Relations, Entertainment

Indigo was born to be a leader, as shown by his fearless nature, ability to engage with everyone he meets, and directing the actions of everyone participating in a project (such as dinner, fort building, or make believe games).  We look forward to traveling through the world, with Indigo leading the charge, and experiencing adventures through the eyes of a very astute 3-year old.


CFO, Navigation, Planning

Donna is the perfect supportive team player for our adventures.  She loves staring endlessly at data, from maps to budgets, and checking boxes off her todo lists for the many projects she is always creating.  But her best quality is that she is game for adventure, and usually says “sure, we can try that” at any suggestion.  For example, “How about we quit our jobs and drive around seeing amazing places with a toddler in a camper for an indefinite period of time.”  Now that is a quality one doesn’t find often!


CTO, Photography, Transportation

Known as “Superman” to his family, and closest friends, Okan is the mastermind behind this family’s adventure.  He’s apparently had this idea lurking in the recesses of his mind for a while, because when circumstances presented themselves…he was ready to make it happen.  With Okan running operations, we never need worry about safety, mechanics, technology, and anything that requires strength or endurance.  We only need to worry a little bit about border crossings, and officials asking annoying questions.