Bilstein 5100 Series Rear Shocks Install

I wanted to put these Bilstein Shock Absorbers on Alpha from day 1.  Finally got around to do it.

Here is step by step instructions;

1.  The rear shocks were supposed to be the easy ones to install. No need to raise the truck or remove the tires.  I sprayed Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil on the bolts and nuts the day before the install hoping that would be sufficient to break them loose. I was wrong. I should have done it twice.


2.  Remove plastic wheel housing. It makes it much easier to reach the top bolts.

Removing old shocks

3. Remove the bottom bolt.

Bilstein 5100 Rear Shocks install

4. Remove the upper bolt. Upper nuts have a piece of metal welded to them to lock them in place. I managed to bend one of them and took me 2 hours to remove it.

Rear top nut.

5. Install the new shock absorber in reverse order and repeat the whole process for the other side.

Bilstein 5100 rear shocks

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