Defiant Rock Shield Install

Defiant Rock Guard 2

I picked up a slightly used Defiant Rock Shield from a fellow Ram 3500 owner/overlander.  I thought underneath of my truck was too exposed and wanted to protect the radiator, turbointercooler, steering box and air conditioning condenser. Install took couple hours and it was easy. Here are step by step instructions:

1.  Remove the 4 bolts that are holding the sway bar in place. Passenger side.

Defiant Rock Shield Install 1

Driver side.

Defiant Rock Shield Install 3

2.  Defiant Rock Shield has 3 holes on its front face. They line up with the holes on the inner face of the front bumper. Push the plastic screws out and use 1″ bolts, flat washers and locking nuts to secure the shield.

Defiant Rock Shield Install 5

Here is a view between the front bumper and the radiator.

Defiant Rock Shield Install 4

3.  The shield is installed by sandwiching it between the stock sway bar and the frame.

Defiant Rock Shield Install 7

Note the hole for the steering box sector shaft nut.  It allows access to the nut so I can check it for tightness without having to remove the skidplate for access.

Defiant Rock Guard

Project Difficulty Rating     Easy Medium Hard

Project Shopping List

  • Defiant Rock Shield (discontinued)
  • 1″ hex head Bolts (3)
  • Self locking nuts (3)
  • Flat washers (6)

Required Tools


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