ScanGauge II Install

Scan Gauge 2 Install 4

ScanGauge II is a highly capable and very compact add on multifunction computer that can monitor truck’s systems and provide real-time information. It plugs in and gets its power from OBD (On Board Diagnostics) II port.  It has three main functions

  • an OBD II scanner,
  • realtime gauges,
  • a trip computer.

Scan Gauge 2 Install 2

ScanGauge II displays the 5-character error code(s) associated with a check engine light.  I can “pull the codes”, make my own repairs, clear the codes and turn off the check engine light.

Most usefully, with its exclusive X-GAUGE™ programmable gauge system; I can monitor parameters such as transmission temperatures, trip data and fuel economy information. Here is x-gauge code from ScanGauge II website for my truck.

Scan Gauge 2 Install 3

I wanted to install ScanGauge II somewhere that it does not block other vital displays.  Unit has two RJ-45 style jacks – one on the side and one on the back so you get some choice of cable location. Here are step by step instructions:

1.  Remove the cover of ScanGauge II.

Scan Gauge 2 Install 5

2.  I picked up two cheap measuring tapes from a dollar store for their clips.

Scan Gauge 2 Install 6

3.  Remove the clips from the tape measures, and find a good spot on the top face of the back cover of ScanGauge II so that screws has enough clearance.

Scan Gauge 2 Install 7

4.  Drill two small holes and attach the clips to the cover

Scan Gauge 2 Install 8

Scan Gauge 2 Install 9

5.  Put back the cover. Here is the side view.

Scan Gauge 2 Install 10

6.  Unit comes with 6 feet connector cable. After connecting it to OBD II port under the dash, near the steering column, remove the driver side pillar cover with 10mm socket and run the cable behind it.

Scan Gauge 2 Install 11

Scan Gauge 2 Install 12

7.  Slide the newly attached clips of the ScanGauge II behind the ceiling cover. Tuck the rest of the cable behind there too.

Scan Gauge 2 Install 15

Installation is complete.

Scan Gauge 2 Install 14

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