Pioneer AVH-4000NEX 2-DIN Install

Pioneer AVH-4000NEX Install

I wish I took more photos during this installation. This was the first mod I did after purchasing the truck last summer. It was a challenging and fun project.

I have chosen Pioneer 4000NEX for several reasons,

  • Bluetooth hands free calling and audio streaming
  • Rear-view camera input
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Built-in ipod, iphone, ipad control
  • Siri hands free operation
  • Detachable 7″ touchscreen
  • USB inputs (2)
  • Dual zone audio

Dodge’s head unit is a 1.5 DIN (180 x 75 mm panel) however Pioneer is a Double DIN (180 x 75 mm panel). Challenge was how to fit a Double DIN unit into the smaller opening and don’t end up with cheap looking plastic all around. Dodge’s dash radio bezel also had two semi-circle eyelets that needed to be filled. Another challenge was, I wanted to keep the little compartment under the stereo.

Pioneer AVH-4000NEX Install 2

Height of the opening needed to be centered and enlarged. Little grove behind the bezel proved to be a good guide for the bottom edge. With my Dremel Tool I cut to the rough measurement. I used set of fine files for final touches. Using bezel as a guide I marked and cut two pieces of hard plastic to fill the semi-circle eyelets.

Pioneer AVH-4000NEX Install 5

With Lepage Epoxy, I glued the plastic pieces to the bezel. This product is really strong and easy to work with.

Pioneer AVH-4000NEX Install 6

After testing the fit, I used Bondo Body Filler  and 400 Grit Wet Sand Paper to finish the bezel. I was never a fan of silver finish so I primed and painted it to blackPioneer AVH-4000NEX Install 3

Pioneer AVH-4000NEX Install 16

Pioneer AVH-4000NEX Install 4

The real challenge came with the wiring. My truck was/is equipped with Infinity Sound System that has 7 speakers and an amplifier that was communicating with the original head unit through  the Can Bus Protocol (Controlled Area Network). It was impossible to trick. I thought about running new wires to speakers but that was too much work and I still wanted to use the amplifier. I found PAC C2#-CHY4 harness that was compatible with amplified Infinity system.

Pioneer AVH-4000NEX Install 7

I used Metra Axxess ASWC-1 to retain the factory steering wheel controls.

Pioneer 4000NEX has two USB inputs but they are on the back of the unit. Using two PAC USBCBL I brought the inputs to much more convenient spot.

Pioneer AVH-4000NEX Install 10

Next, I installed Esky High Definition back up camera.

Pioneer AVH-4000NEX Install 11

Pioneer 4000NEX does not come with navigation. However, since it is Apple CarPlay compatible, I can use my Iphone’s navigation and ask Siri to find the addresses for me.

Pioneer AVH-4000NEX Install 9

My final set up.

Pioneer AVH-4000NEX Install 13

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