On-board Air Tank Install

On-board Air Tank Install 1

I started this project thinking that I would either weld the air tank to the truck or drill some holes into the frame to install it. But, as I was researching camper tie-downs, I realized Torklift  simply clamps their front tie-downs to the frame.  I like that idea better so I designed a bracket for the 2.5 Gallon Viair Air Tank that is rated for 200 PSI. This tank has 6 1/4″ NPT ports and 15.3 pounds. Here are step by step instructions:

1.  Get three zinc plated 10″ L-brackets and two 4″ L-brackets.  10″ L-brackets are symmetrical on both end. Cut the third 10″ L-bracket in half so you end up with 2 bars.

On-board Air Tank Install 2

2.  The frame on the Dodge Ram 3500 is 3″ thick. I clamp the frame with 10″ L-bracket, the half bar and 4″ L-bracket using 3.5″ bolts. I am using 4″ L-bracket as a support to reduce to stress on the 10″ L-bracket. Holes with yellow arrows line up and need to be enlarged to allow 3.5″ bolts. Holes with red arrows are used to mount the air tank.  I primed and painted everything to prevent corrosion.

On-board Air Tank Install 3

3.  Here I am testing the location and making final adjustments.  I am using a Viair Tank Port Fittings Kit and a generous amount of Orange Teflon Tape.

On-board Air Tank Install 4

On-board Air Tank Install 5

4.  Mount the brackets with 3.5″ bolts, washers and self locking nuts.

On-board Air Tank Install 6

5.  Everything  is now mounted.  Connected the tank to the ARB Air Compressor and filled it up to 100 PSI and tested the fittings with soapy water to make sure nothing leaks. Whole setup sits about 1.5 inches lower then the frame, but it is not the lowest part of the truck.

On-board Air Tank Install 7

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  1. I wanted to thank you for this great read!!
    I definitely loving every small touch of it I have you bookmarked
    to take a look at new material you post.

  2. Wow you make it seem so easy. I think I will give this a try nut my 2016 F59 frame is thick dobthey may these L brackets in say 12×12 inches?

    1. Hi Vishnu, I don’t know of the top of your head. We are in Washington DC for 10 days for funeral and then returning to Colombia where our truck is parked and waiting. I will let you know then.

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